30 Day Baking Photo Challenge

Posted by Steve on 09-Apr-2019 13:38:42
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Social media, we all use it in some way, be it double tapping a nice image on Instagram or sharing a funny story or video on Facebook.  This month we have challenged ourselves to post something everyday on social media by taking inspiration from photo challenge below. The rules are very simple, post a picture or video each day which relates to the topic square below. We are tagging each post with the hashtag #CNBakingPhotoChallenge, which will collate all of the posts together. 

30 Baking Challenge

Head over to our Facebook and Instagram account' to see our progress, where each day we will post a baking photo or image that we hope will inspire you to start your own photo challenge. We look forward to seeing your photos and don't forget to use the hashtag #CNBakingPhotoChallenge.

Good luck




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