7 Quirky Valentines day facts you may not know

Posted by Steve on 11-Feb-2019 14:23:18
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Did you know Valentines day is the second largest card giving day after Christmas? Chocolates, cards and flowers are commonly given a sign of your love to your partner on Valentines day.  But have you ever wondered why men rush around at 10pm to the local 24hr garage on the 13th of February. We've found 7 quirky facts to help you understand why the day of love and romance is commonly celebrated.


1. Sealed with a kiss

Did you know that when we sign off with a kiss, we are in fact harking back to medieval times when most of us couldn't write so we used to use the mark as a sign of sincerity.

sealed with a kiss 

2. Henry says

As you are aware, Henry VIII was a BIG fan of women and probably a rather big romance – but did you know he is responsible for when we actually celebrate Valentine’s Day? Back in 1537, King Henry chose the 14 February as the official day of celebration.


3. Rebellion!

One popular theory about valentines day is that Roman emperor Claudius 2 banned Roman men from marrying during times of war. St Valentine apparently was outraged and preformed secret weddings. Therefore valentines day was founded on an act of rebellion.


4. Romeo, Romeo, where for art

Romeo and Juliet a tale of love – In fact, Juliet still receives love letters on Valentine’s Day. The city of Verona in Italy (where the play was set) receives around 1,000 letters addressed to Juliet.

sealed with a kiss-2

5. Roses are red

 The red rose is a common purchase around the time of Valentine’s Day – but why? Red roses, comely given as a symbol of love and this tradition stretches as far back as Ancient Rome when the red rose was the favourite flower of Venus: the Goddess of love.

roses are red

6. In days of olde

Receive a secret Valentines gift? Many believe it’s a sign that someone has a secret crush on you. But back in the Middle Ages, the situation is a little different
Young men and women drew names from a bowl to see who would be their valentine.

I love you more than cake

7. Teachers pet

Can you remember during school that Valentine’s cards were a big deal? Surprisingly it is teachers, not pupils, who generally receive the largest number of Valentine’s Day cards. Surprisingly (or not) pets receiving valentines cards come in at number 3!


So there you have it 7 facts to get you loved up on the 14th. We hope you have a day filled with love and romance and for those that don't, pick you favourite movie and order a Domino's

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