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Posted by Abi on 03-Oct-2014 15:19:00
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Where did September go? I can't believe it's October already, it'll soon be...! However, we know how many of you like to have a go at making your own Christmas fruit cake. So we thought you may like some tips and tricks to help give yours the extra wow factor this year. 

When it comes to fruit the main thing is moisture. If you want a moreish cake, full of flavour that lasts forever, it's what you do at the beginning that counts. Soak that fruit! Those shrivelled up raisins and sultanas are crying out for a little drink. Personally, we use brandy but it doesn't have to be alcoholic. The important thing is to make sure that you soak it overnight. You don't need a lot 3-4 tsb is plenty. Just give it a good stir together and put it in an airtight container. The magic that comes out will have everyone coming back for another slice.


Why not try fruit juice instead if you don't want to use alcohol? My advice would be to leave it in the fridge to soak and make it nearer the time as it doesn't have the same preserving qualities of alcohol although will still produce a stunning cake. 

If you find you are running short on time the alternative is a couple of minutes in the microwave, a good stir and then leave to cool. But whatever you do make sure they see the mositure you want to retain before they are thrown into the batter. 

Why not check out our range of cakes for ideas on how to finish yours. And don't worry we will be doing a few tutorials nearer to Christmas to help you out. (Opps sorry I was trying my best!).