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Posted by Steve on 12-Sep-2014 12:50:00
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Hi I'm Steve and I thought you may be interested in what goes on in our kitchen. Each week we experiment with new flavours and ingredients in our cakes. If you are a member of our Cake Slice Club you may have tried some of the exciting things that we produce.

This week we have been working with polenta (cornmeal). We wanted to see if we could add a new dimension to our wheat free cakes. This ingredient has the magic of producing a moist, dense cake which still has a bit of texture to it. We have played around with adding ground almonds to it and just normal gluten free flour and found very pleasing results. 

There are many recipes out there that use polenta. However, we found it was actually getting hold of the raw ingredient that was the problem. Our local shops including Sainsburys and Tescos, don't stock in (you can buy cooked) so we had to look further afield. The best price we found was actually on Amazon, I know, not necessarily the kind of thing you expect from them. 



Why not grab yourself and have a play? If you fancy trying ours you will see there is now a wheat free option to our cards. We think you are going to love our version, there are no nuts though just a very satisfyingly scrumptious lemon cake. Don't forget to let us know your thoughts below. Have you tried baking with it before? What were your successes or failures?

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