Goodbye and Good Luck

Posted by Steve on 17-Jul-2018 11:05:50
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The summer holidays, end of school and a time to celebrate with cake push pops!

All over the country we can hear children shouting for the joy of the start of 6 weeks summer holidays. The sound of laughter in gardens as the sun shines is lovely. However, there is a special group that we want to celebrate with, the leavers. Locally we have been working with Buxworth and Furness Vale Primary schools to make sure their pupils get the perfect send off. Each one of them celebrated all the hard work they had put in at primary with a wonderful day partying and bowling followed by a few tears as the time came to say goodbye. But we weren't going to let anyone leave without a smile, each one received a push pop take home. We do hope you enjoyed them.



Wishing you all the good luck in your big step forward from all of us at The Cake Nest.

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