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Posted by Steve on 27-Oct-2018 12:37:00
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This is Halloween, this is Halloween, Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!”

Yes, I know that the song is technically from a Christmas film, but Tim Burtons ‘Nightmare before Christmas’ gets in your head this time of year with all the decorations and  paraphernalia that has now become the norm following our American cousins across the pond.

Bin Bag Halloween

Back in our day when I was a lad (about 30 years ago), Halloween wasn’t really a ‘thing’. We dressed up (either wrapped in toilet roll or wearing a bin bag with a cardboard witches hat) and went trick or treating just to a few neighbours. None of this ‘dressed up’ as the current favourite theme or TV show (some of which has no relationship to Halloween).

These days Halloween has become the third biggest occasion after Christmas and Easter, with all sorts of food, decorations and parties to celebrate. Although the celebrating of Halloween is frowned upon with certain beliefs and religions, so it is also bearing in mind that not everyone is welcome to opening the door to little frankensteins and witches. In fact, local authorities and Police forces have made available posters that you can either pick up or download to ward off those little spirits. Police-No-Halloween-Sign-(18)

It’s no surprise that halloween can be quite a stressful time for parents as the demands from their little ghouls and witches can be quite overwhelming. From mid-September supermarkets and shops start to roll out the vast quantities of ghoulish plastic, tempting you as you down pass the ‘special buy’ isle. I admit I have brought bits and pieces, only to find them in mid February when you take on the challenge of tidying the cupboard under the stairs or even worse the child's bedroom!


Therefore if you are up to your neck in pumpkin flesh and tangled by fake spiders web, we’re here to help. We’ve taken our top Halloween Tips (or hacks) so your won’t get spooked into making a great Halloween.

Pumpkin Muffins

pumpkin-muffinsSo you’ve curved your umpteenth pumpkin and the last one of a Death Star has really taken it our of you and all your left with is a mountain of pumpkin flesh and seeds. What to do with it? Don’t chuck it in he recycling, you can make some tasty pumpkin muffins and you won’t feel guilty for eating cake as its one of your 5 a day ;). 



glow-sticksNot all ghouls have to be invisible

The clocks have gone back (or will do on the 28th) so make sure that your little ghouls are bright enough to be seen. Little glow stick bracelets make great accessories to their costumes.

Trick or Treat

Remember not everyone celebrates Halloween, so if there’s a notice up (some local councils and police have A4 posters that you can put if you don’t wan’t to be disturbed) don’t knock on.

Satsuma Pumpkins-1

Fruity treats

Trying to limit the amount of Haribo that your little Dracula is munching on? These little pumpkins made from satsumas and are a great way to get a little fruit into their diet. We also love these creepy chocolate decorated apples.


Spooky Pasta

Spooky pasta

A little drop of food colouring into your pasta whilst cooking will transform your tea into a feat for a monster.



Have a great Halloween!

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