Top Gifts for the Hard to Buy For

Posted by Abi on 03-Dec-2018 20:13:18
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We all have that someone who is especially hard to buy for and actually these people are becoming less and less rare. Why? Because we all like to treat ourselves to things occasionally. So the things that you may have been hinting at for months, well you just bought! We've been having a look around for some great surprises. From the people who say, "no don't get me anything" to the people who you'd be in trouble for not getting something for but you haven't got a clue what to get!

cup cake card with a slice of cake Cake Card

Honestly, there are very few people who don't like a card on their birthday (well apart from my FIL but he's been in denial of his age from an early age!). But make it a decent one! Send a cake card with a slice or two of delicious sponge cake hidden inside. All designed to fit through the letterbox, so no need to be concerned if they will be in to receive it!

Storm Glass Weather Station

First invented by British Navy Lieutenant (Robert FitzRoy), I think there is something quite enchanting about the Storm Glass Weather Station. The water inside goes through different stages of crystallisation to show you the weather prediction. Perfect to have on a desk or shelf. 



A Stuff Tin

Man TinWell, I could do with one of these myself, somewhere to put all those little things Stuff Tinyou can never find! What's not to love? I always find that I have an abundance of paper clips, fuses or screws until I actually need them, then where are they!?!

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Audible Voucher

Audible VoucherOk, so it's an Amazon voucher but you can dress it anyway you like. Personally, I listen to books every day on my way to work and I love it. Lost in my own world. The beauty of Audible is the narrators are fabulous, I'm just reading The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock read by Juliet Stevenson, amazing! There is such a range of books available though and you don't need to worry if they have already read it! 


Keep it Personal!

From cupcakes to cake truffles there's no excuse! Add their favourite photo or a personal quote that means a lot to them. Anything is possible and you can do it all in cake!


A Reading LogA Reading log

For those dedicated to the paper version, a reading log! Fantastic for book club members too, perhaps even a Secret Santa gift! A great way to remember what the book was about a few glasses of prosecco into the evening ;) 



Cake Slice Club

Cake slice clubA delicious slice of cake posted through your loved one's door to remind them you are thinking of them. Perfect for that special someone far away or for Grandma to raise a smile. A chance for a little indulgence, a slice of "me time", not meant to be shared! Delivered throughout the UK by your friendly postman.



A Jigsaw

rainbow jigsawNow before you dismiss it outright take a look. More and more people are doing jigsaws now as a form of mindfulness, switching off from the stresses and strains of the day. Whatever your age there is a simple delight in placing the last piece in something as impossible as this!



But they say the best things in life are free...

If you really want to show how much you care this year pop round and spend some time with that special person. Why not design a voucher book of your own for them containing things like a walk in the park together, an offer of doing the ironing or simply an afternoon coffee because it's the little things that mean the most in life. 

Here's some ideas for wrapping that are fun and won't break the bank either, we hope you enjoy them.


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