Stir-up Sunday - time to bake!

Posted by Abi on 22-Nov-2018 13:15:13

Get ahead for Christmas by making your Christmas cake on "Stir up Sunday". It's the last Sunday before Advent and is the traditional start of the Christmas season celebrations. This year it falls on November 25th.

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World War 1 Cake

Posted by Steve on 08-Nov-2018 20:44:00


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Freakishly fabulous Halloween ideas

Posted by Steve on 27-Oct-2018 12:37:00

This is Halloween, this is Halloween, Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!”

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Cosy nights in and why comfort food is good for the soul

Posted by Steve on 09-Oct-2018 20:43:00

So October has arrived and I don’t know about you but you really notice the evenings are drawing in much quicker now. In fact, in a number of weeks we will be putting the clocks back an hour as daylight saving time takes effect (28th October). This period of the year can be of dread to some people, especially those that suffer from SAD (seasonal affected disorder). The longer nights meaning we hibernate into our homes (and burrows), the long summer evening memories fade quicker than the twilight that precedes the night.

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Reasons to be cheerful - Can Autumn lift spirits

Posted by Steve on 22-Sep-2018 12:48:00

The weather is definitely on the change, whilst cycling last weekend I noticed that the sides of the road and pavement had begun to accumulate brown leaves which have dropped like the temperature. The challenge of dressing as a cyclist is all to apparent as you end up wearing far too many layers and soon you find yourself with no pockets left to stuff that extra gilet that was such as good idea at 8am.But i was reminded that as hot as the summer has been, autumn is soon to follow with the home comforts, bronzed woodland hues and the off pumpkin or two ready to lift the spirit when the evenings start to draw in.

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Blackcurrant Sponge Pudding

Posted by Abi on 10-Aug-2017 11:00:00
We grow lots of fruit in our garden (it's easy) and so at this time of year end up with quite a glut. Whilst we do freeze some to cheer us up in winter, we love making the most of it with puddings like this.

This pudding recipe works with almost any fruit. We have tried it with blackberries, raspberries and rhubarb as well as blackcurrants. A word of warning though, it looks terrible when you put it in the oven but comes out the most delightful thing you have ever tasted. The rich jam like texture at the bottom is gorgeous and tastes very decadent and the sponge topping adds to the texture. It really is fantastically easy so have a go.

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Beanies Coffee

Posted by Abi on 08-Aug-2014 00:00:00


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