World War 1 Cake

Posted by Steve on 08-Nov-2018 20:44:00
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This coming weekend will mark 100 years since the guns fell silent on the battlefields of Northern France. The country will come to a halt for 2 minutes at 11am on the 11th of November to remember those who gave their lives serving their country.

You will have probably seen over the past couple of weeks various commemorative displays, be it giant poppies adorning lampposts or art installations such as the ceramic poppy display that was featured at the tower of London a couple of years ago that have been installed.

I am sure that many of you will have relatives that were involved with WW1 and you will have memories that have been told from Great Grandparents. We have also seen many of our customers making the journey to Northern France to walk amongst the fields where there relates fought. Having travelled to the battlefields of the Somme once with school history trip and then in adulthood whilst cycling through, the area is very sobering with military cemeteries dotted throughout the beautiful countryside. It was hard to image that 100 years ago the scene looked anything but beautiful.

Poppy Cake Balls

For the soldiers to be entrenched must have been beyond what I can imagine, only the parcels from home brining a ray of joy from what must have been a living hell. These packages often contained messages from home with treats of tobacco and sweet treats.

We decided to do a little research into what sorts of cakes would be available to make as with wartime rationing the staple ingredients such as butter and eggs not being readily available. In fact the British Government released an official recipe for a cake that could be made at home and sent to the battlefields to cheer up the soldiers. Whilst stumbling around the internet we found this recipe from Ana who blogs about old recipesThe cake has a smell and taste that would help remind the troops about better times such as Christmas and Easter as well as their families back home. In fact the recipe was such a success that it was passed down to generation to generation.

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We would love to hear your stories and any recipes that have been handed down to you through your family.  


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